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Beta A2
Exclusive Export Distributor

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Beta A2 Australia's products are inspired by nature and supported by science. We use premium milk from Australian grass fed* cows that naturally produce A2 protein milk. Like human milk, which nature designed for us, A2 protein milk is free from A1 beta casein, so is easy on the digestion system.

We are  proudly Australian Owned, and our vision is to create premium nutrition products for every body, every day. Our dairy farming partners are from the Goulburn Valley, Victoria. 

Oz Farm Super Platinum
Exclusive Export Distributor

Oz Farm Milk Powder

Oz Farm is a proud Australian company that formulates nutritional milk powders for optimum health, vitality and development – for all stages of life.

The milk is exclusively sources from 100% Australian dairy farms in Victoria, Australia who have free to graze cows. All products are made to manufacturing excellence standards. 

Certifications include 

  • HACCP, 

  • Australian Department of Agriculture, 

  • BRCS Global World Standard AA Grade 

  • Dairy Food Safety Victoria 

  • Australian Infant Nutrition Council 

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We create superior dairy products to nourish every body every day.


We are proudly Australian Owned and Operated and are proud to partner with international businesses.


We work to build and maintain fair Farming Partnership. A percentage of our profit are allocated to supporting our Rural Communities.


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